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Paint Brush Cover


Keep your paint brushes wet and ready to use between coats without wash-up

Fits most size brushes up to 63mm- 100mm

Unique airtight foam seals around handle, no need to take roller sleeve off

Washes easily

Recyclable plastic—great for the environment

Washes easily


The Original Paint Brush Cover™ storage and protection device solves that problem in a snap! It’s sleek design allows for super easy storage, and keeps your bristles perfectly straight as if they were brand new. The covers are very easy to stack on top of one another, throw in a tool box, on a shelf, hang from a peg board, or just throw in your van. They wash with ease no matter how long paint is in it and they are great for the environment, not only saving water (No need to constantly wash brushes) but also saving harmful waste from being washed down the drain.