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With a payoff line of sorts


Are you a retailer who has spotted a product range within our catalogue of brands that you believe will excel within your retail outlets?

Please leave your contact details with us and a sales representative will revert back to you immediately to discuss the best product solution to meet your requirements.   – not good –

Please note that we offer SALE OR RETURN on all products sold (Conditions Apply).

Patent Holders

Are you an inventor or patent holder looking for ethical and effective representation and route to market for your product range?

We are always looking for new products to offer our customers and have built an infrastructure that can put your product on the shelf nationwide swiftly and effectively. Please make contact and our CEO will revert back to discuss why we are your best option for representation within the territores that we operate.


Many of our products lend themselves to an ideal gifting solution and are of integral quality therefore offering an opportunity to enhance a companies image. Our range is varied in target market and price point so we have a solution for many requirements.

Please contact us for more information on how we can offer a range of items to cater for your corporate gifting