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Minx Marketing South Africa brings you a complete wholesale sales, marketing and distribution service to the Southern African retail environment and beyond. We represent our acquired brands with professionalism and dedication to a standard that surpasses all expectations.

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Minx Marketing is a key distributor in Africa facilitating sales and distribution to Africa’s keystone retailers. We pride ourselves on the relationships and service levels we maintain with our customers from   to multi nationals with whom we work closely with on a day to day basis. We can promptly take your product to market through all of the following channels/customers with whom we hold vendor accounts with

Minx Marketing's Southern African Outreach

Better Representation = More Sales & Less Worry

Minx Marketing’s powerful ambition for the global inception of the product ranges we represent gives our licensor’s the confidence to ensure their product’s full sales potential will be fulfilled in a moral an ethical yet wholehartedly determined modus operandi

Moral and Trustworthy Representation

We work not only to sell but to establish our suppliers brands in a manner that best represents what they are striving to acheive, never will we stray from our licensors objectives for any motive. We are in real terms your feet on the ground in a foreign territory

New Product Range

We are hungry for new innovative ranges to build upon our current offering with new innovation for the markets in which we operate within.... and those that as of yet we do not.

Existing AND Conceptual Products

We have the skills and abilities to adopt both existing brands or mere concepts for which we are able to utilise our infrastructure to take your concept right to the shop shelf with a fully fledged brand.

Global Outreach

Minx Marketing has the ambition to operate worldwide for which we already operate offices in Johannesburg, South africa and London, United Kingdom.

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" A Minx Marketing customer is on the ball when it comes to new products and all the good they can do for daily life. We're all looking for security, quality and someone to deliver on promises and by trusting Minx Marketing and their products, this is exactly what you'll get.

"Bringing Innovation to Your Fingertips"

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